Portable Charger Hack


  1. USB car adapter
  2. Needle nose pliers
  3. Micro Screw Driver
  4. Hammer
  5. 9 volt battery clip
  6. 9 volt battery
  7. Empty mint tin
  8. Electrical tape
  9. Soldering iron and solder
  10. USB charging cord



Take apart the USB car adapter, unscrew micro screw from the back and twist of tip from front. Carefully remove the outside casing, spring, fuse, and pop off curved metal piece. You should be left with the USB board. The square peg opposite the USB port is the positive, the casing of the USB port is the negative.


Take the 9 volt battery connector and tin the ends for easier soldering. The red wire is positive and the black wire is negative.

On the back of the board find were the positive and negative pins are located. Solder the red wire to the positive pin, and the black wire to the negative pin (there are two pins for the negative either will work).


Hold solder against the wire and gently hold the iron there until it melts over the wire holding it to the board. Let it sit for about 15-30 seconds to cool.

Once the wires are attached plug the battery in and check the connections. The led should light up.


Take the metal tin and punch a hole in one side big enough for the USB port. Using needle nose pliers open the hole and bend edges back. Using electrical tape secure the USB port to the opening.



All done! You now have a portable USB charger.


Project adapted from Buzzfeed’s Nifty Project: Make Your Own Portable Phone Charger From A Mint Tin