Board Member Bios

Jaimee S. Lindvay

Jaimee on the 1st level Eiffel Tower

AdaSpace President

Founding Member, May 2015


Why I started AdaSpace:

I realized too late in life that I was good enough and just as capable as my brothers to be an engineer. Now I know it’s never too late but the reality is I’m happy in my life and like what I do, but I will admit that every now and then I wonder what would have happened if I had been encouraged and given more opportunity to explore math and science. I don’t want that to happen to any more girls and I want to empower women through experiencing and creating technology. “If you do it, you can be it!” is my twist on the “If she sees it, she can be it” campaign.

What I do at AdaSpace:

In addition to being president I love to solder and to help others learn how. I also am know to bring in kits for Indigo Dying, Screen Printing, Electronics, and what ever interests me at the moment. It’s always more fun to experiment and learn with other ladies around to help.

My favorite AdaSpace project:

At this point, creating the space itself. While the space is more metaphysical at this point it is still a space of our own. Women can come and gain positive experiences with science, math, and technology. Making them participants in technology rather than just consumers. This is a project I will do for the rest of my life.



Lindsay Felt


AdaSpace Treasurer

Founding Member, May 2015


Why I Joined AdaSpace:

I am a woman in technology, which is not always an easy thing to be. Finding a community is hard when you find yourself one of three women in your first major, outnumbered in a conference room, or the only female voice in a technical project. As much fun as I have running with the guys, it’s hard to belong in a place where you can’t see yourself. AdaSpace – the idea of women learning, making and teaching – spoke to me instantly. I am here to learn, empower and have fun.

What I do at AdaSpace:

In addition to breaking things (constantly), I am AdaSpace’s Treasurer. My favorite things to break are and

What is my favorite AdaSpace Project:

The website! Our website is a true collaborative effort, with every member contributing according to her best strength. Whether that is writing content, configuring servers, building out the site, or making sure everything falls into place.