What is AdaSpace?

We are a Hackerspace specifically for Women.

AdaSpace is about finding a Hackerspace of Our Own. One where it is safe not to know, or to be running late because dinner took longer than you thought. A place where we learn together. A place where failure only exists when we give up. We are not only space and tools to do work, but the collaboration and support necessary to integrate creativity and learning into your life.

How Do I Participate?

Come to hack nights whenever you can. Bring yourself and work with what you have – experience, frustrations or expertise. Offer to teach a class or host an activity.

What are your Goals?

Our Mission is on our Mission page. But that’s very broad, strategic thinking. Here is what we are working on right now:

  1. Find more women who want to make with us.
  2. Get all of our paperwork done and the boring organization things set up. This includes our 501-3C, accounting stuff, etc.
  3. Find a Space
  4. Make awesome things

Who is Welcome?

Do you consider yourself a woman? Come on in. (We don’t care what you have under your clothes)

Is AdaSpace for children?

AdaSpace primary mission is to women and transgender people. In order to accommodate the needs of women, who are largely the primary caregivers in most families, the space is child friendly. The goal is to take the burden of childcare out of the equation and allow women to participate in the networking and learning opportunities of the Hackerspace. Having the kids in the space means moms can rest easily and the kids get to see women making with code and technology.

Where is Your Space?

Right now, our space is where we are.

We work with Interlock Rochester to host Weekly Hack Nights and monthly Open Hack Saturdays, thanks to some fantastic people within that organization. We also hold meetings all around the Rochester area.

The Nomadic Life isn’t for everyone, though. We’re looking for space willing to house us! If you know of available commercial or light industrial space in safe, walkable neighborhoods? We want to hear from you!

Can I Give You Money?

Yes! Please! Money can’t buy love, but it can buy independence, which is even better. If you would like to made a donation, send us an email!

Do You Have a 501-3C?

Not yet. It’s coming. We’re working on it, and we know that’s a huge barrier for a lot of folks who might like to donate.

What Do You Have Against Men?

Absolutely nothing. Seriously. We love you guys. You know when we say sometimes it isn’t about you? This isn’t about you.

It’s about us.

Talking to other people, we find it is really hard for women to do something good for themselves. It is hard to carve out time to do our projects and exercise our creativity. We learn differently. “Just keep trying” isn’t helpful encouragement for women. There are different norms for women. Different ways of communicating. We show pride in our work in different ways. We also have different fears and hang-ups. Part of what helps us is seeing other women doing the things we want to do.

This isn’t about hating on men. Guys, head on over to Interlock Rochester or Rochester Makerspace. They are a little better suited to you.


Did we miss your question? Email us at info@adaspace.org.